Ranger Ink - Tim Holtz - Distress Crayons - Set 11 - Design Creative Bling

Ranger Ink - Tim Holtz - Distress Crayons - Set 11

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The possibilities are endless in your next mixed media creation when you're working with Distress Crayons by Tim Holtz for Ranger Ink.  These are not your typical crayons!  Trade the waxy crayons of your childhood for the creamy, buttery, mesmerizing crayons that you've been dreaming about.

Contents: Set #11; Includes Three Distress Crayons by Tim Holtz for Ranger Ink in:

  • Speckled Egg
  • Crackling Campfire
  • Rustic Wilderness

Size: Each Distress Crayon contains a 5" long pigment crayon within the plastic barrel 

These rich and vibrant water-reactive pigments are perfect for creating blended backgrounds, watercoloring wondrous landscapes, smudging effects and so much more!  This is three-crayon collection that will add vibrant shades of beautiful colors to cards, gift tags, invitations, scrapbook pages, and anything else you can imagine. 

How to use Distress Crayons:

  • User-friendly design allows you to easily uncap and twist the base to extend and retract the crayon. 
  • Scribble, smudge, write, or blend on your paper, wood, fabric, chipboard or another medium to your desired saturation.
  • Play around with embossed backgrounds, vibrant blends from top to bottom, and wonderfully intricate stencils in varying colors.
  • Introduce water for added blending effects, or try the crayons over a collaged ephemera with a sealed surface topcoat for a beautiful canvas of possibilities!
  • Allow your artistic creation to dry or speed up the process with a heat gun to set the intense, smooth tones.
  • The versatility and adaptability of these Distress Crayons will amaze you!


  • Can be used on both light and dark surfaces for varying color representation.
  • Dense, rich crayon is designed to remain stable with water or ink overlay and has a short smudge window before drying.
  • In a creative whirlwind and left your Distress Crayons uncapped? No worries! The creamy crayons won't dry up or become less effective while you work!
  • Designed to be used seamlessly with other Tim Holtz Distress products (Distress Inks, Distress Stains, Distress Oxides and more!)

Why stop with just one set of amazing Distress Crayons? Experience the rainbow of other Tim Holtz Distress Crayons for muted vintage effects, stained glass illusions, and brilliant blends on all your mixed media projects. When you have a whole collection of crayons, treat yourself to this fantastic Distress Crayon Storage Tin specially designed to house up to 34 vibrant Distress Crayons.

Who said crayons are just for kids? Upgrade your crayon game with these Distress Crayons for all your colorful crafts today!

Number of pieces: 3