Update on New Distress Color Kitsch Flamingo

I place my order for the shop through Ranger 1/21 when they opened pre-order for stores which was before the color was revealed. I use to order through another wholesale provider but switched to Ranger last year with the anticipation of receiving the product in a more timely manner for my customers. When the last color came out I immediately place my order and notified another store owner that the color was available. That store owner placed their order a day or so later. When the product shipped that other store owner received her product 2 or 3 weeks before I did. This time, about 3 weeks ago, I noticed some of the stores were getting their second order and I had not received my first so I reached out to Ranger to see if there was a problem with my order. I was told that it should ship by 3/5 but as of today they have not shipped. I find this very frustrating because I like to get items to my customers in a timely manner. I could have order through my original source and had them by now. I have placed an order as a customer with another store even though it cost me more than what I made. But this way I can fulfill my pre-orders as I have no idea when to expect my order with Ranger. It distresses me greatly to have people waiting for something that should have arrived almost a month ago so I chose to take the loss.
Thank you all for your patience.